Machine Shipped via Charter Flight Rieckermann Pharma News

Fast turnaround machinery solution uses charter flight to help fight the global pandemic

With COVID-19 vaccines being in high demand in every corner of the world, major pharmaceutical companies correspondingly need all the machinery they can get to produce the vaccines. Needless to say, urgent orders for such machinery generally entail unexpected challenges.

When responding to such desperate pleas for urgent deliveries, Rieckermann looks beyond the traditional method of using sea freight to transport industrial machinery. For one specific client order that was delivered earlier this year, the machinery was flown from Hamburg to China within just a few hours on board an Antonov AN-124 cargo flight.

The machinery was first transported with the accompaniment of local police to Hamburg Airport, Germany, where it was loaded onto an Asia-bound cargo flight. The process of loading the shipment onto the aircraft was supervised by experts from Rieckermann and on arrival at its end destination it was offloaded in the presence of Rieckermann technical engineers and their client.

To ensure that the machine was operating smoothly and as expected, Rieckermann’s technical engineers worked tirelessly in double shifts to complete the relevant installation and acceptance procedures within just three days, despite tight controls due to COVID-19. Rieckermann is committed to providing quality services to their customers, who can thus rely on Rieckermann as their first choice industrial solution provider.

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