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Rieckermann is pleased to announce a new partnership with DW Renzmann, a leading supplier of all kind of washing and cleaning machines for printing press related parts – from single units to total factory solutions. Additionally, DW Renzmann is considered to be the market leader in the field of cleaning solvents recovery, which is also one of the focus topics of printing factories in Rieckermann’s markets. On top of this, DW Renzmann offers automation in the washing processes, an important step towards eliminating operator mistakes and reducing direct contact with polluted parts and solvents.

“We are confident that our customers in Asia will appreciate the high quality, extensive product portfolio, and environmentally friendly technologies that are offered by DW Renzmann,” says Kristian Rieck, Rieckermann’s Director of Packaging Material Solutions.

The partnership is an important step for Rieckermann to complete their portfolio for the print periphery market. Through this partnership, Rieckermann will represent DW Renzmann in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore, beginning January 1, 2021.

“We are very excited to step into a long term partnership with Rieckermann, well-known as a professional and reliable partner and consulting provider of high-tech solutions in the printing sector,” says Michael Schneiss, Managing Director of DW Renzmann. “Supported by the Rieckermann network of very skilled and highly motivated people, we will significantly increase our presence in these very interesting and prosperous countries.”

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