Many local Vietnamese printers have been operating with the absence of a recognized color standard. With Rieckermann’s inhouse expertise, they hope to raise the bar for the market by introducing a new level of standardization called the G7 certification. The G7 is an internationally recognized methodology for calibrating printing presses and proofing systems. The “G” refers to calibrating gray values, while the “7” denotes the seven specified color values: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, red, green, and blue that are monitored during calibration.

Rieckermann recently supported one of their customers in Vietnam to achieve the highest level of G7 certification through their inhouse consulting services: guidance on the right process, training on the process, preparation of documentation and print samples for submission to achieve the certification.

Most printers already have ISO 12467, which is a color management standard widely recognized in Europe. The G7 methodology is widely used in North America and supports the ISO 12467 to ensure the highest level of color matching performance. With the G7 certification, printers can increase their marketability with the guarantee that brands will receive a high-quality end product.

Rieckermann is organizing a seminar on G7 certification in Vietnam that will be held in the coming months. Those who are interested may wish to email Rieckermann’s Application Engineer, Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung, at [email protected].

Rieckermann Supports Customers To Achieve G7 Certification

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