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Rieckermann embraces innovation with JR New Horizons GmbH

In an effort to foster innovation and explore new business models to enhance the value offered to customers, Rieckermann have recently introduced their corporate innovation hub, JR New Horizons GmbH. Through this new and independent entity, Rieckermann shows their drive to continuously cultivate innovation in all parts of their business.

The entity, JR New Horizons, will focus on exploring and exploiting synergies and business opportunities at the intersection with the parent company. Their mission is to provide new and enhanced industrial solutions through digitalization, interconnectedness, and internationalization.

JR New Horizons aims to replicate the innovative mindset of lean startup companies by helping ideas within the Rieckermann Group to be developed, explored, tested, and implemented through:

1. Ideation
2. Conception
3. Prototyping
4. Validation
5. Scaling

On October 27, 2021, JR New Horizons launched PACKSQUARE, their online marketplace for state-of-the-art packaging materials from trusted sources in Asia. The concept behind PACKSQUARE is to globalize the packaging supply chain by connecting brand owners and businesses in Europe to manufacturers within the packaging industry in Asia.

On November 3, 2021, JR New Horizons launched their second online platform, Machine2B, with a view to facilitating the procurement of machinery solutions supplied by certified Asian companies for the European market. This is a reliable go-to marketplace for quality Asian machinery at reasonable prices.

JR New Horizons is a corporate venture that leverages the vast experience and network of Rieckermann. The unit officially commenced operations on August 2, 2021, and is registered in Hamburg, Germany. They look forward to announcing more exciting projects that will provide new and enhanced industrial solutions.

For further information on JR New Horizons and their projects, please visit their website at www.jr-newhorizons.com.

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