Cheese process webinar series 2022 title photo

Addressing China’s growing appetite for cheese through information sharing and technological solutions

With notable expansion in market size and cheese varieties in recent years, it was to be expected that more diversified product varieties would be made available to consumers. This trend was further encouraged by the country’s appetite for the product, as the market’s annual compound growth is expected to reach over 8% in 2025 (GlobalData, 2022). Rieckermann was in fact responsible for the installation of cheese manufacturing lines at China’s biggest cheese producer just last year.

In response to this rapid development, Rieckermann’s Food Processing division had launched a Cheese Process Webinar program – intended to be a long-term platform for the sharing of information and experience on the market. The first part of the three-part series successfully took place on October 18, 2022, with over 230 participants – far exceeding initial expectation.

This immense response was reflected by the participants, who came from the production, R&D, and quality control divisions of various Chinese dairy/cheese producers. Eager to show interest, the participants took the time to engage with the featured panels through active communications and interactions during the session.

Karl Schnell (KS) – a German equipment manufacturer for processed cheese and Rieckermann’s long-time food industry partner – was also present to assist Chinese customers in establishing production facilities and systems that meet the latest market demands and industry needs. In addition, KS’s engineering and technology experts contributed demonstrations of typical recipes during the pilot workshop at the LAZBW center.

The first webinar focused on the technology of high shearing FV cookers. The next two sessions are expected to take place on November 30 and December 20 respectively, featuring topics such as low shearing cheese cooking mixers and UHT systems, among many others.

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