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Supporting Korea’s low-carbon initiatives through innovative green solutions

Korea’s low carbon policies aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote renewable energy, and foster environmentally friendly industrial development. In alignment with this vision, Rieckermann Korea recently conducted the Low Carbon Technologies seminar with industry partners Casale SA and GIG Karasek.

The highlights of the event included the introduction of Rieckermann’s recent investment in BioEnergy International GmbH (BDI), marking a significant advancement beyond its previous role exclusively as a solution provider. A representative from the Korea-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry also thanked Rieckermann for the significant role played in facilitating the technological exchange between Korea and Germany.

Furthermore, several presentations were delivered during the seminar, with the first from Casale SA providing insights into an innovative line of green processing technologies for ammonia and low-carbon ammonia (NH3), methanol and bio-methanol (MeOH), as well as advanced oxidative reforming-based technologies for the blue hydrogen (H2) segment. This is particularly notable for industry players in Korea, as the domestic market for green ammonia and blue hydrogen is gaining significant traction amidst growing global interest in sustainable energy and environmental protection. Both green ammonia and blue hydrogen are now recognized as environmentally friendly energy sources capable of reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Consequently, Korea is increasing its investment in renewable energy and eco-friendly technologies, breaking out of its current status as a country traditionally reliant on energy imports.

Another session, hosted by GIG Karasek, explored their cutting-edge evaporation technology, low-carbon industrial heat pump with efficient heat recovery, and CO2 valorization process solution. Emphasis was put on various energy-saving initiatives for the industry segments, which aligns with Korea’s own vision of reducing energy consumption through the strengthening of regulations and standards. The country also encourages the use of equipment and systems to enhance energy efficiency across its various industries. This development is expected to further drive the growth of the energy-firsaving sector in the country.

The Low Carbon Technologies seminar was held on March 13, 2024, at the Seoul Club, Seoul, and was attended by industry professionals from several reputable companies.

Low carbon technologies seminar
Low carbon technologies seminar room

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