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The Plastics industry is seeing increased demand for smart manufacturing technology to help keep up with the market. This general shift towards automation is especially apparent in highly industrialized countries such as Japan and Korea, as well as in leading Southeast Asian countries.

Many of Rieckermann’s customers are suppliers to top global brands with the likes of P&G, Unilever and Coca-Cola. Their standards are also adopted by large local and regional players, who benchmark against the multinationals in many aspects. This leads to overall higher demand for product quality, consistency in reproducibility and production documentation.

Furthermore, processes need to be clean, efficient and guarantee uninterrupted supplies. To cope with these demands, customers need the “human error” to be eliminated as much as possible. On top of this, rising salaries and strikes have made employers more inclined towards automation as it enables them to contain their manpower needs.

According to Rieckermann’s Director of Plastics & Converting Industry, Kristian Rieck, “With smarter solutions, our customers can increase their competitiveness and profit margins by winning clients that pay a good price for the quality. As suppliers to big multinational brands, our customers are differentiated from their competitors, enhancing their reputation. They are then more marketable amongst the local and export markets, which have high-quality requirements. Finally, it helps them to keep up with foreign investors from mature markets that have already been applying such technologies for years.”

Currently, Rieckermann offers customers automated solutions that improve safety, speed, and quality for the following processes:

  • Storage and conveying of plastic resins
  • Optical inspection systems for flexible and rigid applications
  • Robots integrated into machine processes

For more information on the latest solutions for the Plastics industry, Rieckermann’s plastic experts will be present in various exhibitions this year to share their expertise and insights on industry trends, machineries and processes to fulfill the requirements of various markets. To schedule a more personal face-to-face consultation during international exhibitions, such as ProPak, Chinaplas, T-PLAS, K-Show, Japan Pack and others, please contact Rieckermann’s local support team >

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