Group photo at 3D printing seminar

Exploring 3D printing technology in construction with Rieckermann at Philconstruct 2022

The emergence of 3D printing technology in the past years has caused a major shift in the construction industry. As a dedicated industrial solution provider, Rieckermann showcased their expertise in the new technology by participating in the PHILCONSTRUCT 2022 event.

Apart from its on-site presence with a company booth, where the well-versed Building Technologies team showcased their solutions for modular construction, lightweight wall elements, and efficient precast production, Rieckermann also conducted a seminar focused on 3D printing in construction. The program featured the company’s very own experts and partners in the building industry, and was exceedingly well attended by precasters, developers, architects, and contractors – all keen to learn more about the technology.

With the 3D printing market rapidly evolving, it is crucial for industry players to keep themselves in the loop with the latest innovations currently in use. In the light of this, Rieckermann’s seminar presented a comprehensive deep dive into 3D printing technology in construction, exploring its benefits and illustrating the applications that would best fit various industry needs. In addition, the event helped participants to discover a multitude of scenarios in which the technology can be utilized. As emphasized by Rieckermann’s representative from the Building Technologies division; “3D printing is not just one technology. There are many printing technologies available for 3D printing in construction, each with different skill sets and benefits.”

The 31st PHILCONSTRUCT event took place from November 3 – 6, 2022, while the seminar was held on November 4. Hosted by the SMX Convention Center in Metro Manila, Philippines, PHILCONSTRUCT is one of Southeast Asia’s biggest and longest-running construction shows and has welcomed Rieckermann’s involvement in the event for the past 15 years.

Rieckermann team at Philconstruct booth

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