Son La Factory Rieckermann News

On September 20, 2020, Rieckermann joined TH Group in celebrating their newest and, concurrently, biggest fruit processing factory in the Northwest of Vietnam. The event enjoyed high attention by both public and media.

Being the first fruit-processing factory in the area, specifically in the Van Ho District – Son La Province, it is dedicated to process and concentrate oranges and longans.

Son La Factory Rieckermann News

The highly-automated multi-fruit processing line comprises of all production steps from washing, brushing, and extraction till concentration and packaging, and was designed and manufactured by Italian BERTUZZI FOOD PROCESSING SRL, market leader in the field of fruit processing technology and with a sound tradition and experience of 85 years.

Thanks to the latest technology developments, integrated functionalities, such as dedicated extractors for longan and orange as well as a plate evaporator “made in Germany”, 5 tons of different fruit can be processed every hour. The line is designed to be extended for further fruits such as passion fruit, mango, guava, and grapefruit.

With the high effort and excellent coordination between the experts of the Rieckermann team in Vietnam, Bertuzzi, and the client, TH GROUP, the processing line was successfully installed and commissioned within two months, despite Covid-19 challenges, i.e. travel restrictions.

TH Group is the largest fresh milk company in Vietnam, also running a number of food and beverage projects, including manufacturing and processing fresh milk, nut milk, clean fruits and vegetables, herbal and purified water.

The new factory is an important highlight in TH GROUP’s journey to lead and bring farmers along a closed production chain. Starting from raw materials, working with farmers under the forest canopy, building a green and economic knowledge economy, promoting precious genetic resources of indigenous plants to produce products entirely from nature, for public health, to develop sustainable agriculture in Son La and the Northwest.

Rieckermann is proud to be a contributing partner in this project of social responsibility and sustainable development in the country of Vietnam.

Rieckermann provides customized high-quality solutions along the whole value chain of industrial production and processes. With over 125 years of experience, its international team of experts and local representatives in Asia and the Middle East deliver highly competitive technology and technical services.

Son La Factory Rieckermann News
Son La Factory Rieckermann News

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