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Empowering Indonesia’s major industry player with innovative packaging solutions

Rieckermann took a significant step in fostering innovation in the packaging and marketing industries with a recent event on digital printing in Indonesia. The event was held in collaboration with industry partner HP Indigo for a significant client, the Orang Tua (OT) Group: a consumer goods company that produces a wide range of daily necessities, from food and beverages to personal care products. As such, the event served as a platform to highlight the role of digital printing and packaging solutions in driving revenues and renewing consumer-brand relationship for various businesses within the OT Group.

The event kicked off with a brief introduction of Rieckermann and their dedicated service portfolio for the printing and packaging sectors. HP Indigo then took the stage to discuss the insights and strategies capable of revolutionizing how brands connect with consumers. Through the principles of PACKVERTISING, businesses can now package and advertise their products through the means of digital printing, delivering highly effective and deeply personalized brand experiences within a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising strategies. In addition, the discussion delved into the critical issue of food safety and counterfeit products in the market, elaborating on how Rieckermann’s packaging solutions can help brand owners to combat counterfeit products.

A tie-in exhibition was also held to inspire fresh concepts and strategies in flexible packaging and label design by harnessing digital printing technology. It showcased an array of products printed using the HP Indigo technology, along with a diverse assortment of samples imprinted on variuos media such as paper, film, lamitubes, and carton. This segment particularly resonated the millennial and Gen Z attendees, who expressed keen interest in the potential of the technology for personalized packaging.

The Rieckermann-HP Indigo digital printing event took place on September 4, 2023, at the OT Auditorium in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event garnered participation from a diverse and accomplished group, including commissioners, CEOs, board members, executives, managers, advisors, and departmental managers representing various segments of the Orang Tua Group.

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