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Paving the path toward a sustainable future through industry innovation and collaboration

Rieckermann recently made major strides toward promoting sustainability in Malaysia’s Oil & Gas industry with their Green Chemicals for a Sustainable Future seminar and networking lunch in Kuala Lumpur. Jointly organized with partners Buss ChemTech, KVT Technologies, and GIG Karasek, the event served as a platform for the company to showcase their extensive array of innovative green technologies and solutions. It also provided an opportunity to present the wide-ranging technical and engineering services that Rieckermann offers for the oleochemical and petrochemical sectors.

Esteemed industry experts were present at the event as guest speakers, providing information on a wide range of topics. These included Buss Chem Tech’s state-of-the-art technologies tailored for the enhancement of oleochemical processes, KVT Technologies’ innovative approach to generating sustainable chemicals from renewable feedstocks, and GIG Karasek’s in-depth introduction to their various engineering and construction activities.

Additional presentations also featured comprehensive explorations of eco-friendly alkoxylation (EO/PO) methods with an emphasis on sustainable approaches to chemical production, developments in the glycerol-based product segment, such as glycasol and glycamal, and the benefits of the short path evaporator over the conventional rectification column for numerous industry applications.

In addition to this, attendees were able to take advantage of an invaluable opportunity to connect and collaborate with peers and professionals during an exclusive networking lunch, fostering a sense of synergy within the industry.

The Green Chemicals for a Sustainable Future seminar and networking lunch event took place at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on October 25, 2023. It was a further initiative in Rieckermann’s campaign to promote sustainable practices within the oil and gas industry, in accordance with the Net Zero Carbon by 2050 goal.

Green chemicals seminar - Rieckermann

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