MODCOS seminar 2024

Rieckermann organizes first ever MODCOS Continuous Manufacturing Process Seminar for pharmaceutical players in China

Held in collaboration with their industry partners Glatt and Korsch on their own premises in Shanghai, the event served as a platform for exposure and exchange of groundbreaking technologies and continuous manufacturing processes within the pharmaceutical industry. Representatives from Glatt and Korsch delved into the technical intricacies and advantages of continuous manufacturing, as well as the introduction of the MODCOS Continuous Manufacturing System.

Designed and manufactured by Glatt, MODCOS is a modular continuous manufacturing system tailored for the production of pharmaceutical oral solid dosage. It offers a higher degree of automation, facilitating efficient and flexible lean production, ensuring that drugs can be produced cost-effectively without any compromise in terms of quality. This is particularly important for pharmaceutical companies seeking to stay competitive in a dynamic market while still meeting stringent government regulations.

Expert representatives from other internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies, such as Novartis, Infinitus, and Eusyna, also shared their hands-on experiences with continuous manufacturing equipment. In addition, they presented comprehensive case studies on product development and provided rigorous analysis of industry regulations with a focus on China’s FDA (NPMA) standards.

Other process manufacturing related topics discussed at the seminar included:

  • Continuous feeding & mixing
  • Technical details on continuous granulation & drying
  • Compression, film coating & automated process controls in continuous manufacturing

Attendees were also treated to live machinery demonstrations and a user experience session, offering practical insights into real world applications and the effective implementation of these technologies.

The MODCOS Continuous Manufacturing Process Seminar took place in two separate sessions held on 16 and 18 January 2024 at the Dorian Seidel Building in Rieckermann Shanghai, China. The multi-purpose event space was the first of its kind for Rieckermann, providing both the company and their partners with the platform to host a wide variety of events, such as product roadshows, internal and external seminars, in-house exhibitions, training courses, as well as trials for both machines and products.

MODCOS Seminar 2024
MODCOS Seminar 2024
MODCOS Seminar 2024

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