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Rieckermann welcomes BDI as part of the family

The Rieckermann Group is pleased to announce that they are pursuing a strategic investment in BDI-BioEnergy International (BDI). JR New Horizons, Rieckermann’s strategic investment arm, has secured equal shares in the company alongside with EOSS and Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik (KVT), a long-term trusted business partner of Rieckermann.

“The joint ownership provides an optimal foundation for BDI’s future development”, states Tim Buttscher, COO of JR New Horizons. “Our individual strengths align, and we are united in our commitment and vision of a circular economy and decarbonization through green production,” adds Flynn Seidel, Director Strategic Business Development of the Rieckerman Group.

The entire Rieckermann team is excited about BDI joining forces. With their additional know-how, Rieckermann is now able to provide comprehensive solutions for the conversion of industrial waste to valuable products, energy and production utilities such as heat, electricity, and steam to their customers across Asia and the Middle East. BDI´s Biodiesel & Biogas plants can process a remarkable variety of waste streams including waste oils, animal fats, and vegetable oils from any source.

Leveraging BDI´s expertise, Rieckermann can further provide advanced plastic to fuel solutions and retrofits of existing industrial BioDiesel plants for increased raw material flexibility. Customers in the growing market for renewable fuels can be served with innovative processing solutions for hydrotreated vegetable oils (HVO), as well as sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

“The deal marks a strategic milestone in Rieckermann’s transformation into a complete solution provider for sustainable processing solutions” summarizes Oliver Raab, Rieckermann’s Head of Industry Chemical & Energy.

About BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH

BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH is a market leader in the construction of biodiesel plants, providing environmentally friendly process solutions for the treatment of waste and pyrolysis oils, as well as specialized fermentation technologies for biogas plants. The range of services includes contract research and process development, engineering and scale-up services, up to customer service. The BDI Group currently employs around 140 individuals.

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