Offering the latest solutions for the construction and building industries

The Cambodia’s International Building and Construction (CAMBUILD) 2022 event was back in action for its ninth year, bringing together industry players in construction and building for a 3-day exhibition in Phnom Penh. A frequent joiner for several years, Rieckermann was once again present on this occasion, showcasing their latest line of machinery, technical and engineering solutions intended for the construction and building industries.

Also participating were Rieckermann’s two European partners with long-standing experience and reputation in construction and building technologies. Together they presented various solutions vital to the industry, amongst others production machines for roof tiles, building accessories, concrete pipes, and manholes. Hence, customers were able to not only gain insight into the latest, cutting-edge technologies provided by Rieckermann and their partners, but also supplement the machines with effective consultations and project management to ensure their safe and profitable operation.

CAMBUILD is the premier construction and building show in Cambodia and takes place annually. This year it was held at the Koh Pich Convention Center, Phnom Penh from November 16 to 18.

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